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AI Systems

Machine Learning, Object Identification, Object Tracking, Staff Productivity, Terrain Control Using Artificial intelligence

AI Defense Systems

Surveillance Systems, Crowd Control Systems, Communication with UAV, RF Communication Solutions

Renewable Energy Systems

Advanced Solar Panels, Flexible Panels, Efficient Energy Solutions, Facade Coating Solutions

Electronic Communication

Disaster Communication, IoT Products Satellite Communication,

Occupational Health and Safety

Zone Control, Staff Equipment Control, High Voltage Lines Control, Integration with Drone Systems

Construction Technologies

Static Project, Electrical Project Planning, Reinforced Concrete Technology, AI Lighting Automation, Mechanical and BMS

What our customers are saying

It was a pleasure to work with a problem solution-oriented team by providing fast support in the projects we carried out. I wish you success.

B**** ******Project Manager

I use their product called Solar Wallet. I can use more space in my car when I go camping with my family. I no longer need to carry old technology and bulky products. Thank you.

K**** ******Traveler

We increased efficiency by including our personnel performance measurement system in the autonomous process. Our business processes are more secure with their quality support and solutions.

P***** ****Personnel Manager

We have converted the controls of our equipment in the field of our business to wireless communication equipment. We can monitor our devices more easily.

M**** ****Technical Manager

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